Professor Stephen W. Boyd


Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ulster Business School
University of Ulster

Stephen Boyd is Professor of Tourism at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, UK, where he was appointed to the chair of tourism in 2004. Prior to that he taught at Otago University in New Zealand, Staffordshire University in England and the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He trained as a geographer and holds a BA (hons) degree from Queen’s University, Belfast; a MA from the University of Regina, Canada and a PhD from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.
He has extensively researched and published in many areas of tourism but is more known for his work in heritage tourism, tourism and national parks, dark and political tourism, and the relationship between tourism and world heritage sites. He recently co-authored the first definitive text on tourism and trails with Professor Dallen J. Timothy (Arizona State University) with current research interests on community empowerment on islands, measuring tourism experience on sections of the Silk Road, Henan Province, China, contrasted with the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. His latest chapter examines the slow food movement in an edited book on Heritage Cuisine.
He is visiting research professor at Louygang Normale University in Henan Province, China.