Emma Wood


Emma Wood is Head the International Centre for Research in Events Tourism and Hospitality at Leeds Beckett University and Reader in Events Marketing. Emma focused her doctoral studies on event evaluation from a local government/community perspective. Her latest co-edited book, The Festival and Event Experience was published in 2015 and she is also co-author of Innovative Marketing Communication for Events published by Elsevier and the European Edition of Hoffman and Bateson’s Services Marketing text, published by Cengage. Emma’s current research interests are in the areas of social marketing and in particular the role of emotion and memory. As part of this Emma has pioneered research using electrodermal activity sensing wristbands to assess subconscious emotional response to experience and memory.  One of her recent publications, “How We Think We Felt: The Importance of Recollected Experience and How to Capture It​”, explores this innovative methodology.  Emma is joint editor of the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events and also chairs the Academy of Marketing special interest group in Sport and Event Experiential Marketing. Recent consultancy projects include impact studies for local government,  a longitudinal study of the changing role of local government in supporting events, and a study of younger adults’ emotion and behaviour related to alcohol and festivals.