MapsTell’s products and applications have been developed based on the principle that effective collaboration and communication are the basis for success. They believe in the power of visual and easily shared information, which is why they use ‘‘associative cartography’’. MapsTell offers valuable alternatives to lengthy reports which often end up unread in a drawer.

By putting the behavioural style of people and groups literally on the map, MapsTell actually makes the differences in human behaviour visible. This insight allows people to get the most out of themselves and each other. Whether it’s about someone’s private life using a BasicMap or PersonalMap, or their business applications like Professional and Team Mapping, MapsTell offers people and organisations insight into the different behavioural styles in an accessible way.

During the conference, Heller Rompa, the Director of MapsTell International and Dimitri Tops, Senior Trainer Q-Staff, will guide the participants through the concept of MapsTell and even their own personalized analysis.