Conference papers April 2018



Ecotourism in Mekong delta, Vietnam



Rebranding the image of destination based on an analysis of the brand Case study: City of Zadar



Tangible and intangible aspects of brand equity: an analysis of the impact on employee retention at Park Hyatt Zürich, Switzerland



Ecotourism management at natural heritage sites. its ecological and socio-cultural impacts : Case of Son Doong Cave  



A qualitative analysis on the role of emotional intelligence in career development among hospitality graduates: A case study of SHMS Alumni


To analyse the employee perspective on the gap between Gen X and Millennials. Case Study: Ritz Carlton in San Francisco



The Relationship between Cultural Influences and Experiential Learning: a comparative study of Confucian & Western students within Hotel & Tourism Education in Switzerland



Expectations and perceptions among migrant Hungarian women of entrepreneurial careers in hospitality



Pop Culture and its influence on the view of food and food choices




An analysis of the influence of cultural diversity on conflict styles and the role of differing communication preferences in the process of conflict resolution in five star hotels in London



Contribution of Experiential Artefacts towards Students’ Learning Process in Hospitality Management Schools in Switzerland



Investigation of LGBTQ Employees’ “Coming Out” Process in the Hospitality Workplace



Mindfulness Interventions in Hospitality



Utilising personal knowledge management to overcome knowledge transfer challenges faced by family owned hotels in Malaysia



experiential learning

Cultural diversity and the perception of experiential learning among hospitality students in Switzerland



team conflict

Analysing the effects of conflict on team performance in an entrepreneurial project: A case study of a Swiss Hospitality Institute (SHI).



emotional awareness

A longitudinal analysis of international hospitality students’ emotional awareness spanning academic and internship semeters



experience economy

A critical analysis of the experience economy in the case of international four days marches in Nijmegen



cultural differences

Examining the influence of culture on emotional intelligence: A study of diverse workforces in the hotel industry



ha long bay

Sustainable relationship between heritage management and tourism development: Using heritage conservation to promote tourism in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam




Residents’ support for incoming tourism: A tale of three theories. A case study of Transylvania, Romania





An investigation of the leader-follower relationship in promoting employee authenticity, the case of the Ritz Carlton organisation